Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hey guys, Lit. Challenge #3 here! This challenge is about THEME!!! It actually took us a while to come up with our theme statement, but we finally came up with one, Equality trumps Stereotypes! It was based off how Matt was treated throughout the entire book. He was treated like he was dumb and stupid during it just because he was a clone. And clones have a lot of stereotypes about them. The thing was he did have a lot of support from others like Celia, Tam Lin, and Maria. So we represented this by 3D printing a model of Matt with a person beside him supporting him. He is surrounded by scorpions (representing the Alacran family) that have quotes attached to them. These quotes are all about how clones are stupid and dumb. The list of some quotes used are below:

" ‘You idiot! You need a vet for this little beast!’ the man roared ‘How dare you defile this house’”
-Page 23

“ ‘Bleating won’t save you, you good-for-nothing animal. No one can hear you. This whole wing of the house is empty because you are in it! They don’t even put pigs in here!’ “
-Page 39

“ ‘So you aren’t housebroken, you little brute,’ she snarled, kicking aside the sodden newspapers. ‘I honestly don’t know how Celia stood it all those years’ “
-Page 35

“ Emilia gasped ‘He can’t be! He doesn’t-I’ve seen clones. They’re horrible! They drool and mess their pants. They make animal noises’ “
-Page 26

“ ‘That’s disgusting. Clones aren't people’ “
-Page 26

“ ‘It makes me feel goosebumps. I actually touched it. I got its blood on me’ “
-Page 26

Our model is here:

And we have a video for further details below:

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Middle Age (145-229) Harkness Discussion


1. How did we support quieter people during the discussion?

Hugh suggested that we let the quieter people talk if they had not spoken in a while

2. How did we support the more talkative people in the group?

We didn’t exactly focus on this because of everyone talking over each other so much, we will attempt to support them better next time

3. What is the timestamp of our best moment of discussion, and why?

2:30 because we had gone into depth and very discussing a interesting subject most of of were also talking 

4. What is our main goal for our next discussion?

Our main goal for the next discussion is to make sure people don’t talk over each other and to make sure the more talkative people talk as much as they did this time.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Hello, Blogger! So... I don't really know how to start this blog post. But anyway, for the litspiration challenge #2 characterization we have created an Instagram account for the lovely Felicia Alacran!!! Below are several photos of comments and posts that we have done on her behalf based on what we feel she acts like on social media.

For a video with all of the posts on the stream see below:

 The photos are just some of the different posts....

Above is a photo of the comments that "Felicia" has left on Matt's post. The many spelling mistakes are intentional because Felicia is rarely sober. Her hatred of Matt is clearly spoken in these comments. "The servant would mix a drink- Matt loved the clink of ice- and placed it in Felicia's hand. She would drink until the trembling stopped. Then she would wilt over the piano like one of Celia's spinaches if Tam Lin forgot to water the garden. Maids had to carry her away into her apartment." - Page 86

This post indicates really how much she truly hates Matt and wants others to feel how she feels about clones.
“I wanted to kill that abomination El Patron keeps at his heels.’ Matt felt cold. He’d had no idea how much Felicia hated him.”
-Page 163

This shows how Felicia is constantly monitoring others and threatening others with this post because they might automatically assume that she knows their secrets. "Felicia took over now, and she seemed to have a lot of experience using the viewing screen. She moved rapidly through the house, even showing the servant's quarters and storage closets. She paused over Celia's apartment. Celia had collapsed in a big easy chair with Tam Lin not far away."- Page 161  

The comments left on Tom's post represent how much Felicia loves Tom and will support him no matter how embarrassing. “‘Where’s Tom?’ Felicia said. Everyone turned to look at her. Felicia was so quiet and seldom seen, most people seemed to forget she existed.”
-Page 104

The comments left on this post, posted from Maria about the death of Furball, by Felicia are made so they clearly indicate her hatred for Furball and then revealing how she killed him."But I had to be satisfied with... that filthy, slavering rat Maria called a dog. I keep a small amount of laundum for my nerves so I poured one of the bottles on the hamburgers the idiot clone left behind. Come here Furball I called. He didn't want to leave his bag, but I... dumped him out... on the meat. He ate the whole thing"-Page 163

This is a DM (Direct Message) between Felicia and Tom where she tells Tom that a clone should not interact with humans.

Here is the continuum of the conversation between Felicia and Tom indicating that Felica believes that Matt should never have any social interactions.
Here she indicates that she doesn't really mind Maria so much except for the part where she strongly supports Matt and really loves Tom.

This photo shows how passionate Felicia feels about playing her piano.
“Her fingers flew from one end of the keyboard to the other. Her eyes were closed and her mouth pulled back in a grimace that wants pain, but something close to it. The music was wonderful, though”
-Page 86

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Middle Age (49-145) Harkness Discussion

1. How did we support quieter people during the discussion?
Like the last discussion we asked the quieter people things like “what are your thoughts on this” and “do you have anything to say”

2. How did we support the more talkative people in the group?
We kind of just let them talk and voice their opinion but reminded them that others might want to talk or we just interrupted them. We also made them moderators so we used their questions and what they said as kind of a guide point. 

3. What is the time stamp of our best moment of discussion, and why?
0:30, when we are all talking, debating and discussing about what we found interesting in the book.

4. What is our main goal for our next discussion?
Not to get distracted by random squeaks and to encourage the quieter people to talk more. And maybe to start the conversation faster and to not leave blank spaces of silence when we are discussing something,

Discussion Map

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Litspiration Challenge #1

This is our map of the country Opium in the book. Explore the setting of the house of the scorpion during page 1-101!

Ps. There are 4 hidden Easter eggs/links in the map.  The prize is the pure experience of laughter. See if you can find them...