Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hey guys, Lit. Challenge #3 here! This challenge is about THEME!!! It actually took us a while to come up with our theme statement, but we finally came up with one, Equality trumps Stereotypes! It was based off how Matt was treated throughout the entire book. He was treated like he was dumb and stupid during it just because he was a clone. And clones have a lot of stereotypes about them. The thing was he did have a lot of support from others like Celia, Tam Lin, and Maria. So we represented this by 3D printing a model of Matt with a person beside him supporting him. He is surrounded by scorpions (representing the Alacran family) that have quotes attached to them. These quotes are all about how clones are stupid and dumb. The list of some quotes used are below:

" ‘You idiot! You need a vet for this little beast!’ the man roared ‘How dare you defile this house’”
-Page 23

“ ‘Bleating won’t save you, you good-for-nothing animal. No one can hear you. This whole wing of the house is empty because you are in it! They don’t even put pigs in here!’ “
-Page 39

“ ‘So you aren’t housebroken, you little brute,’ she snarled, kicking aside the sodden newspapers. ‘I honestly don’t know how Celia stood it all those years’ “
-Page 35

“ Emilia gasped ‘He can’t be! He doesn’t-I’ve seen clones. They’re horrible! They drool and mess their pants. They make animal noises’ “
-Page 26

“ ‘That’s disgusting. Clones aren't people’ “
-Page 26

“ ‘It makes me feel goosebumps. I actually touched it. I got its blood on me’ “
-Page 26

Our model is here:

And we have a video for further details below:


  1. Jacob's Parents:
    "Super cool model"

  2. Ella's Mom Says:
    your theme statement was very clearly represented in the model.